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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Totally exhausted

I seem to be out of words for now. I guess it was the transit of Mars that made me so energetic in writing for this small corner in Internet. Now I am just balancing, like your normal Libra, between the "should" and "would". However, I'm glad that I had such a creative spell taking over me, because now I can check this hobby site about astrology signs and feel that it is slowly going somewhere. I think that I'll go and answer some questions that have gone unanswered for too long.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Ruling planets

In astrology sun and moon are considered as planets. Here is a list of ruling planets for every sign of zodiac:

MercuryVirgo and Gemini
Neptune – Pisces
Uranus – Aquarius
Jupiter – Sagittarius
Saturn – Capricorn
VenusLibra and Taurus
Moon – Cancer
Pluto – Scorpio
MarsAries and Scorpio before the discovery of Pluto
Sun – Leo

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Planet Mars

How many times you have heard the line ”Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” I have heard it many, many times. I bet so have you. From the point of view of astrology this sentence is very accurate. Venus is soft and feminine and Mars is hard and masculine.

Maybe because of its red colour, Mars has been considered as somewhat aggressive planet. That probably has something to do with the colour of our blood. Today we know the Mars as the planet of God of War. This comes from Roman culture like most of our mythology connected to astrology and stars.

Aggression and energy are closely associated with the planet Mars and together with Jupiter, it has been considered as a negative planet. It brings action into your birth chart and many leaders and every sort of activists have often something to do with Mars.

Unlike the passion of Venus, the passion of Mars is masculine, hot and strong, and the romantic aspects tend to be forgotten as the flame of Mars is blazing. This planet is especially associated with the sign of Aries. Before the discovery of the planet Pluto, Mars was also considered to be the ruling planet of the sign of Scorpio. Oriental cultures regard Mars as the Fire Star planet according to the Five elements (in West we have only four).

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Future plans

Now Venus is for you to see. You must have guessed the next step - yes it is Mars. Am I predictable or am I predictable? Also even there has not been any feedback about possible chart drawing course I still have been sketching some plans for it. Maybe I start it anyway and carry on in a very downbeat tempo. What do you think?

Planet Venus

Thick layers of clouds constantly cover Venus as it travels in space as our closest neighbour and hot as a cast-iron frying pan. These features have created quite enigmatic picture for Venus. It is close but yet so far, it shines brightly just behind sun and the moon but has smooth and soft colour. It is no wonder that these qualities make us to connect the planet to women. Why - you ask.

It is difficult to say what came first, the doctrine or the practise. However it is clear now that we have started to map the behaviour of people as a whole that there is some feminine connection between the movements of Venus and our astrology signs.

It used to be so that in history it was mostly men who had the benefit of education, hence they were able to read and write and pass along their views of the world. So in the beginning, it was Romans who started it all. They created Venus – Aphrodite – as the Goddess of love and beauty.

I don’t want to exaggerate the scientific side of this planetary expedition but I have to mention at least this fact. Venus has no magnetic field.

The common explanation why astrology works is that gravitational pull and energy flow of heavenly bodies affect all living creatures and dead objects on earth. This means that Venus would only affect us with gravitational pull. Venus’ effects are therefore different from some other planets or that of the Sun, which is a gigantic source of energy.

Transit of Venus happened previously on 8th of June 2004, Venus passed directly between the Earth and the Sun. One could see it as a black dot over Sun’s disk. It is very rare occasion, and before 2004 it happened in 1882, the next time is in 2012 but after that you must wait until 2117. So prepare yourselves already, if you didn’t see it 2004, it is quite unlikely that you will see it 2117 (sorry to remind you of the flickering nature of life).

Venus is a beneficial planet that is associated with Taurus and Libra (yes, I’m Libra). Venus affects on love, sex, relationships and everything feminine. Positive influence can be seen in that it encourages passion, gentleness, friendliness and social interaction. If negative aspects take over, emotional behaviour is usually experienced so strongly that it becomes a negative force.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Quick reminder

I added links to that collection article where one can see the dates, which determine your astrology sign. By the way, I feel like writing about Venus. Check back tomorrow to see what I have learned.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

What is your astrology sign?

Many people wonder what is somebody’s astrology sign. Most of the time we know ours, but who is industrious enough to memorize the dates of every astrology sign? Here is a simple quick list for you to check the dates - starting from the beginning of the calendar year:

22 December – 20 January Capricorn
21 January – 18 February Aquarius
19 February – 20 March Pisces
21 March – 20 April Aries
21 April – 21 May Taurus
22 May – 21 June Gemini
22 June – 22 July Cancer
23 July – 23 August Leo
24 August – 22 September Virgo
23 September – 23 October Libra (this is me and many others)
24 October – 22 November Scorpio
23 November – 21 December Sagittarius

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Birth chart drawing course

I was thinking to start a course that would teach how to draw birth chart. Are you interested? It would be posted here in very short episodes so that everybody would be able to follow the steps and repeat them with personal information. There could be some Questions and Answers part and a place for discussion. I am not sure how to do it though maybe we could just use comments in various posts. Please let me know, otherwise I am just going to grind with those planets and elements.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Playing with colours

I guess I'm tired, I changed the colours on my elements post. Now I'm really gonna leave, before I totally delete this site.

Out of energy

I have nothing interesting to add today. I was thinking to write about elements in detail, but it is difficult, because the topic is not dealt with in astrology to any significant degree. I should go and study something related to Wicca or witchcraft or pagan stuff and these topics - I feel - are bit too distant for me.

Maybe I go for the planets immediately, but I was not planning to write about them, so today I think that I will have a day off. Anyway, these last a couple of days have been phenomenally productive when compared to my previous updating speed.

Maybe my planet is already moving away and the inspirational writer’s flow that I have experienced is also fading. Now it might be beneficial for me to go back to the drawing board and sketch a new horoscope for myself. I’ will let you know if I find something peculiar enough to mention.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Four elements

Four elements are not particularly important in the Western astrology that focuses on the movements of the planets and their relation to the sun. In the Oriental astrology elements have much stronger position and they are also bit different from our four elements not least because they have five elements.

First we are going to forget the Oriental point of view and give the basics of the elements. Like I wrote, there are four elements – fire, earth, air and water. According to the nature of the element, people are said to have similar features, therefore resulting:

Fire element – enthusiastic, vivid, and powerful

Earth element – reliable, solid and practical

Air element – intellectual, loving and direct

Water element – emotional, intuitive and sensitive

In Western science these elements have been almost constant even before classic Greek philosophy that extended the use into above qualities. Over the centuries elements have been refined and gained more elaborate meanings but still the most fundamental concept is that of Pythagoreans. Followers of this symmetric school of thought devised the notion of opposites that either pull or push according to the situation. Even now the zodiac wheel is arranged according to those opposites that are thought to complement each other.

In astrology opposite element couplings like water-fire and earth-wind weaken one another, while complementing element couplings like fire-air and water-earth support one another. Therefore as you look to the other side of the zodiac wheel to your opposite, it is actually not your opposite but your complement.

Like in life in general, if you are unable to find a complementing soul, you are probably going to stay away from those that are just diminishing you. That is the reason why you will be more likely to find your partner among complementing element and the element of your own.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I have been very busy at writing but I have not missed news coming from the other side of the big water. Especially shocking was to follow site called dancing with Katrina. It has current comments and pictures from the location.

It got me so upset that I spent whole evening reading about the misery that people are in that I went to talk to the family and asked everybody to give up some of their little expenses during the coming weeks. We listed some things that we can live without and donated the money to the Red Cross. We gave up candy, cookies, cakes, dining at restaurant, bus fare for a week (my trusted bicycle, here I come), but then we noticed that those things are just about the ones that we feel like going without for some time.

It is quite terrible to think that my need for convenience is going to deny tens of pounds for some person that is in serious danger of loosing life. Even this wake up call came to me, I suppose that after a week or two everything goes back to normal and the rest of us live our lives just like we used to. But at least for now – donate.

Coming up next

This has been a productive day from my part. I got basic profiles up and running, well they are not running anywhere, but just hanging there on the screen. Next week I will focus on elements and as there are fewer of them, so I should be able to handle them all. When the basics are there, we can get down to the interesting stuff like learning how to make our complete birth charts.

Now it is time for something totally different that came to me while I was checking how my site looked like. There were public service ads about the hurricane Katrina and how we could help those in need...

Astrology sign of Pisces

My mom is Pisces. She is an exact picture of Pisces, because she has focused on working for the family. Tirelessly she kept us fed and clothed, she took care of our household and worked as a nurse. She clearly had energy to go the extra mile in her job but she decided to take care of us. Thanks mom!

Pisces are very fate-oriented and because they are often equipped with phenomenal imagination, well, they live in a fantasyland where things happen because they are meant to be. On the other hand this sign of zodiac wheel is one that is truly dualistic. Pisces can have two overlapping lives e.g. daytime teacher and nighttime painter. They thrive, when they have the opportunity to fulfill their personalities.

Pisces are overwhelmingly emotional and affectionate - trust me I have just over forty years of experience on this matter. There is one clear drawback with this emotional barrage that if there is not similar feedback there is the chance that some stains come to otherwise pure love.

Piscean children tend to underestimate their talents. Therefore it is important that parents offer their unwavering support. From parents’ point of view, kids should be given limits or otherwise they might grow impatient to all the freedom that they are granted.

If Pisces can break off from their self-sacrificing ways, they manage to achieve wonderful heights. They should focus on fields that benefit from their paternal/maternal instincts.

Astrology sign of Virgo

A battery of a starry, starry sky, sometimes called – Virgo.

The image of Virgoans is of energetic, talkative and precise. They are vivid and hard working. Sometimes their eye for detail takes better of them and causes problems as Virgoans are bogged down with maze of minor details both in work and private life.

Lack of self-esteem is a problem of many Virgos. Although socially very adept, they tend to raise possible partners to pedestal and see themselves as not worthy of love - a nice word is sometimes interpreted as a hint or joke. This uncertainty can lead into insecurity and relationships might slide into arguments.

As a parent, Virgo is over-concerned and industrious family person. Virgos usually set very high standards for everything they do and family is not an exception. They must watch closely not to fatigue others with their set of standards.

Virgos better go to artistic or otherwise humanistic fields there they can put their intuition and energy to best use. The more Virgo’s job touches management and organization the more they feel uneasy. They tend to enjoy life more than they enjoy material possessions so achievement and rewards at work are closely related to immaterial aspects of life.

Astrology sign of Cancer

Protective and caring are main characteristics of this zodiac sign. This shows in the way that they protect themselves and their families.

At first glance, Cancerians might strike out as uncompromising and snappy. Once the icy crust melts, you will find out that they are loving, caring, vivid and imaginative. It could be that their vivid imagination makes them more alert for possible dangers. They also have the unfortunate trait to be very moody, often coming down to the pit from the top of the world.

Like it often is, the balance between too much and too little is difficult to maintain. On the other hand, Cancerians are very caring and make wonderful partners, but on the other hand there is the danger that relationships become too smothering, as Cancer is too caring. Cancerians are committed for the partner and the family.

Truth comes out from babies’ mouth or so I hear. Cancerian babies are very much intuitive and you get to hear truths very soon from the day they learn to speak. Moody tunes come like waves of cartoons :) and young Cancers have a unique talent to drive parents crazy.

Family centric approach also shows in Cancerians tendency to collect and hoard everything imaginable. This often leads to messiness and unorganized lifestyle that is centered on physical possessions. Cancers don’t have special need for material security but they want to provide for their loved ones.

Cancer parents are bit too sensitive to firmly lead their children’s lives and that might result into somewhat aimless growing up process for many kids. Parents also tend to follow their kids to their adult life, which might lead into some problems.

Money is very important for Cancerians. It is not the purpose for life, but because they are such hoarders, it is difficult for them to depart money. Their emotional traits often lead them to fields of medicine, teaching and nursing, but they also know how to be shrewd and can hold on their own in more sales and management oriented professions.

Astrology sign of Capricorn

Who has heard about Capricorns? For a longest time word Capricorn made me think of Motörhead – the English rock band. They have a song called Capricorn, and as you can read from the lyrics it does touch astrology, here you go:

A thousand nights, I've spent alone,
Solitaire, to the bone,
But I don't mind, I'm my own best friend,
From the beginning, to the end,
My life, my heart, black night, my star,
December's child, the only one,
What I do, is what I've done,
I realize, I get so cold,
When I was young I was already old,
My life, my heart, black night, my star,
I always knew, the only way,
Is never live, beyond today,
They proved me right, they proved me wrong,
But they can never last this long,
My life, my heart, black night, dark star,

Year changes during the moon of Capricorns and that gives extra spice to this zodiac sign. I have always thought that there is something traditionally British in Capricorns’ behavior. Solemn, gloomy but with a sense of humor that is totally off the radar paint the picture of many Capricorns. I would say that their basic characteristics can be found from the line between pessimism and conventionality.

Capricorns are solitaire souls just as the Motörhead song implies. They have difficulties to open themselves up but when you finally establish a connection, it is one that will last. Security is often what Capricorns search for in relationships and they tend to marry or get into relationships accordingly.

Capricorn children look up to their parents and benefit from firm and disciplined childhood. I am not talking about sending them to West Point or any other military school but just normal house rules like candy day and keeping their rooms clean are good base for the future. Never underestimate the power of good manners. As Capricorns are inclined towards conventional behavior they sometimes appear bit rude, good manners save a lot in these situations.

From the point of view of children, parents should remember to take it easy with their drive for success. Capricorn parents should focus on giving love to their kids because there is always the danger that the parent child relationship grows to be very formal.

Conventional traits become their assets in business world. Many tasks need firm command and clear structure. Capricorns can handle complex decision and stress but their weakness in working life resides in their emotional insecurity. In decision-making processes, they can be affected by their need to get the social approval for their actions. Throughout their career they should remember to take small steps, new situations can make the underlying insecurity to surface.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Some development on Astrology Signs

Now you will notice new titles under the astrology signs sub category - planets and elements. Yes, you guessed correctly, I will continue to those fields as soon as I get basic astrology profiles online.

I also managed to shift into higher gear with writing not just planning. What happened, I do not know. Maybe I was finally over that critical learning hump and now it is just smooth sailing. Checking my star chart for this month might reveal something very enlighting, but I will not check it. One has to strike when the iron is hot. Now it is not time to start planning, I have been doing that more than enough.

Astrology sign of Scorpio

Like with other star signs, Scorpio also has lot in common with the beliefs that we associate with the real insect. Not too flattering for you Scorpios out there? Never mind, I’m just trying to keep you on your toes, but one thing is for sure, sign of Scorpio is very powerful.

Scorpios are easy to feel jealous, because they reflect the intensity of a burning sun and on the other hand the coldness of distant traveler a planet of Pluto. Scorpio is a sun sign that flares randomly and can’t satisfy into living normal life. They have to focus their energy in a productive manner and watch for straying off to just please their pleasures. Dualism comes out in occasional sulking but also in some frantic spells of action.

Strong emotions push Scorpios to the chase, which is always better than the actual kill – so they say in many songs, I can’t tell if it actually is so. It is a blessing for the relationship if Scorpio’s love does not go waste but is returned by loving partner. This sounds quite obvious, but those poor Scorpios often just give and give to grab that person of their affection.

Scorpio kids are sensitive and often either lock up in their room to protest or cuddle to extend that one has to drag them around. The sooner Scorpio kids learn to communicate the sooner they gain access to balanced relationships.

As a parent, Scorpio is in danger to fall into over-achieving. They surely love their kids, but might tend to treat them as management team member and focus on e.g. getting results on hobbies. They should create steady framework of household rules and suppress their natural tendency of dualism and jealousy.

The passion of every Scorpio can be tapped in business life and can be turned an asset. Their sexuality might sometimes cross few personal borders but in general they have an advantage in human relations because of their affectionate demeanor. Unlike their personality might imply, Scorpios actually need financial security, this corresponds to their need to have fun without pressure.