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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I have been very busy at writing but I have not missed news coming from the other side of the big water. Especially shocking was to follow site called dancing with Katrina. It has current comments and pictures from the location.

It got me so upset that I spent whole evening reading about the misery that people are in that I went to talk to the family and asked everybody to give up some of their little expenses during the coming weeks. We listed some things that we can live without and donated the money to the Red Cross. We gave up candy, cookies, cakes, dining at restaurant, bus fare for a week (my trusted bicycle, here I come), but then we noticed that those things are just about the ones that we feel like going without for some time.

It is quite terrible to think that my need for convenience is going to deny tens of pounds for some person that is in serious danger of loosing life. Even this wake up call came to me, I suppose that after a week or two everything goes back to normal and the rest of us live our lives just like we used to. But at least for now – donate.


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