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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Astrology sign of Scorpio

Like with other star signs, Scorpio also has lot in common with the beliefs that we associate with the real insect. Not too flattering for you Scorpios out there? Never mind, I’m just trying to keep you on your toes, but one thing is for sure, sign of Scorpio is very powerful.

Scorpios are easy to feel jealous, because they reflect the intensity of a burning sun and on the other hand the coldness of distant traveler a planet of Pluto. Scorpio is a sun sign that flares randomly and can’t satisfy into living normal life. They have to focus their energy in a productive manner and watch for straying off to just please their pleasures. Dualism comes out in occasional sulking but also in some frantic spells of action.

Strong emotions push Scorpios to the chase, which is always better than the actual kill – so they say in many songs, I can’t tell if it actually is so. It is a blessing for the relationship if Scorpio’s love does not go waste but is returned by loving partner. This sounds quite obvious, but those poor Scorpios often just give and give to grab that person of their affection.

Scorpio kids are sensitive and often either lock up in their room to protest or cuddle to extend that one has to drag them around. The sooner Scorpio kids learn to communicate the sooner they gain access to balanced relationships.

As a parent, Scorpio is in danger to fall into over-achieving. They surely love their kids, but might tend to treat them as management team member and focus on e.g. getting results on hobbies. They should create steady framework of household rules and suppress their natural tendency of dualism and jealousy.

The passion of every Scorpio can be tapped in business life and can be turned an asset. Their sexuality might sometimes cross few personal borders but in general they have an advantage in human relations because of their affectionate demeanor. Unlike their personality might imply, Scorpios actually need financial security, this corresponds to their need to have fun without pressure.


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