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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Gemini astrology sign

Gemini zodiac sign is my absolute favorite despite the fact that I am not Gemini myself. Being Gemini is not about being double faced but being versatile and diverse. Most striking feature of all Gemini are their love to communication, they talk to anything that moves, well, maybe they skip cars etc.

Geminians have minds quick as mercury. Mercury also happens to be the ruling planet for this star sign. In their quickness, Geminians often make hasty decision and they tend to be bit on the superficial side, what comes to their personality. Gemini is quite likely to quick-think ones way out of problems so at times their life can turn into constant quick fixing. Needless to say that all this can result into some issues with their use of time.

It is so easy to fall in love with Gemini. They are lively, intellectual, charming, witty... just deadly for us girls. Too bad they are also very demanding, so it is hard to keep them happy!

Superficiality - possibly the worst trait of Geminians – plays against Gemini kids. These small packages of pure energy get bored very quickly and face the danger of developing patterns of not carrying through the tasks that they start. If parents ignore such traits their kids might turn out to be super-charged serial quitters.

Please, do not get alarmed, I wrote that to agitate some comments only, although there seems to be some truth in Geminians having short attention span. As a parent, Gemini can be quite an ordeal for kids. Many important lessons about rules might go untaught, as the parent is too busy in turning world upside down.

Communication skills make Geminians excellent media and advertising professionals or salespeople. They thrive in changing situations and can get bogged down in repetitive and routine tasks. If Gemini rises high in the corporate ladder, they tend to profile as fast decision makers and charismatic leaders e.g. does Donald Trump ring a bell? Quick thinking and decision-making can bring some unfortunate repercussions but that is just the nature of business, always has been.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Polarity in zodiac signs

Traditionally zodiac signs have polaric groupings in which two signs locate opposite each other in zodiac circle. I started with Libra, as I am one myself. Then I listed some basic characteristics of Aries that is opposite of Libra in zodiac circle. Following this method, I am planning to write about other signs that belong into Air-element – Gemini and Aquarius.

You notice that terms do not follow the theory. Aquarius is not part of Water-element and polarity does not follow elements. For example, Aries belongs to Fire and Libra belongs to Air. One can easily see that polarity does not mean that the signs are total opposites of each other. In fact, it shows that polarity is stronger force than just simple black and white –setting. On the other hand, there are couples that have stronger tendencies of forming true opposites. Virgo/Pisces and Cancer/Capricorn are examples that have stronger connections. However, you have to make a notion of the systematic patterns with elements as they always form similar pairs in zodiac circle.

Other couplings beside Aries (Fire) / Libra (Air) are:

Cancer (Water) / Capricorn (Earth)
Taurus (Earth) / Scorpio (Water)
Leo (Fire) / Aquarius (Air)
Gemini (Air) / Sagittarius (Fire)
Virgo (Earth) / Pisces (Water)

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Aries astrology sign

Aries is an astrology sign that is very determined and competitive. Their approach towards life is very direct and straightforward. Furthermore people under the sign of Aries tend to have unique skill of setting goals – big and small – and reaching them.

The feeling of achievement is the most motivating aspect in Arians lives. As goal-setters they often are divided between these two traits. Having ambitious goals can mean that they are not able to achieve them or then having to deal with ambiguous goals can frustrate them. Arians tend to be quite selfish people and should pay attention to this in order to avoid confrontations.

Intensity that can be seen in working life is also present in Arians personal relationships. This can present tough challenges for Arians’ partners. Mellow star signs complement Aries the best. However, it is very well possible that Aries has a wonderful relationship with any other astrology sign that keeps on improving over time, because commitment for the relationship helps to achieve happiness. Arians should pay lot of attention to the list of important matters, as they tend to grow over proportionate. It is therefore important for Aries to actively balance between oneself, partner and family, otherwise there is the danger to emphasize one over the others.

Aries as a parent has to balance between themselves and the family. Arians are easy to loose the balance and focus too much on either their personal affairs or the affairs of the family. If focus is on family and kids, Arian parent can set challenging goals for the family that will cause tension. Children might rebel against goal-oriented parent, which can adversely affect the family interaction. On the other hand there is the danger of Arian parent not giving enough consideration for the family as they focus on their personal goals e.g. career.

Arians make wonderful entrepreneurs because of their inner strength and motivation. They should work in pioneer fields where they can fulfill their desire of reaching astonishing achievement. They are strong leaders and have no difficulties in leading others. Problematic in managerial positions are that they tend to ignore communication and dictate decisions.