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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Something new again on astrology signs blog

Now it is official! Home mom has gone commercial! Alex put some Google ads to the side and the benefits if any will go to his pockets. Actually I don't expect to get anything from this, but it is nice to see him doing something else for a change, not constantly playing those computer games. The deal we made is actually such that I will double any money that will come from this service and then the kids can share the pot fifty-fifty. It is so terribly hard to find something to motivate the kids, when I was young, new pair of shoes was all I could ever dream of. Now, it seems that I have to be buying them something new and fashionable every day. World has really changed and maybe not to better. Well, all I wanted to say was that enjoy the commercials and in the next mail, I promise, I will finally start talking about those astrology signs and other “heavenly” matters.

Have a nice day!
Rose Tacher

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Trial and error!

Oh my! Now I understand why some people say, "Do you want it right now or shall we do it with computer?" Uuuh, frustrating! All I wanted to do was to include a picture drawn by my daughter to my profile page.

My computer-savvy (I start to doubt that) and clever son suggested me to use Flickr as a service to store pictures and photoes. I could share everything with my friends in the most convenient and effective manner. Aaaah, so frustrating experience!

Well, here you can see, how it all went. I am not satisfied and according to Alex, if I add any new pictures, my profile picture will change. Sooo, this is not a profile picture at all - I asked Alex, who finally was kind enough to set it up for me. Well you can guess his answer. Now we are thinking about that Picasa or Hello service that might work better, but after all hazzles and messes, we are just too fed up with computers to start doing it all over again.

I really hope that those Amazon plans that Alex has don't cause as big difficulties as this one with picture did. There are other matters too, like adding some meaningful links to my blog. That I believe I can do on my own, Alex showed me the place where they are in the template and it looks quite easy, basically just copy the structure and insert the address that I want to have.

I am sorry. I still haven't started the story of Libra, but I just wasn't able to estimate the amount of work that goes into modifying the blog to suit my eye. So, nothing about astrology or star signs, however, there are some analogies here, astrology is also about winning the difficulties and not about taking the easiest way or interpretation. Astrology has to wait until next time.

Best of Luck
Rose Tacher


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I am desperately trying to post my picture to my profile in Blogger but alas I keep failing.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Astrology sign of Libra

I know what you are thinking. You wonder what is my star sign, what is my astrological landscape? You know what, I am going to tell you, since it is not my age that you are asking.

I haven’t been writing so much, but if I had and you knew me bit better, I bet you wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that I am Libra. Let me tell you little about the characteristics of Libran people.

First of all I tell you my source, which is Parkers’ Astrology. I have taken this book to my heart as it is so well written and clearly structured. Naturally there are other astrology books on my bookshelves but this one is my favorite and nowadays I only venture to other authors only if Parkers’ Astrology is not able to assist me.

My son, Alex, tells me that I should use some Amazon affiliate system to make some money with my recommendations, just in case someone would like to buy a book. Quite amazing to what internet has come. I just don’t have a clue about that so I told Alex that if he can set it up, he can all the money that comes from this Amazon business as his pocket money. Now, look at those shining eyes, I bet some realization happened behind them. Obviously he is also checking this post, so “Alex, bugger off, nothing for you over here”. I wonder how long it will take before my blog is full of bells and whistles...

Oh, back to the astrology or back to me and other Libras, to be exact. Libra is one of twelve sun signs. With the sun signs, astrology has become wildly popular. One important fact to the popularization was the increased visibility that especially horoscopes got in newspapers and later in magazines and even in internet. I guess that I am just another example how this whole thing is snowballing down the hill. But I always say that you can’t kill the truth and there really is something in astrology, otherwise it wouldn’t have been around for so long.

Oh dear, my typing speed fails me and now I notice that I should be stopping and starting my evening routines with the family. I am terribly sorry, but I promise that next time I will get going with astrology, without all these ramblings. Ok, everybody (that means you Alex) take care.

Rose Tacher.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hello world of astrology

Hi Everybody!

My name is Rose Tacher and I am here to write about astrology signs and astrology charts. I try to post every day, but I don't know if I can make it, because of my family and work.

My personal experience on astrology comes from years of reading and chart making. I am not professional in this, but I do make quite a few charts for my friends. More than once we have been amazed how close the reality comes with the signs given by stars.

I encourage you to ask any questions, I will answer all of them to best of my knowledge. You can also ask personal charts from me, I do not promise to make anything complete just simple and short "check ups" to give you a second opinion if nothing else.

This blog is my first website, my daughter encouraged me to set it up (actually my son did it in practice) it seems to be quite easy to handle, so I will now start my journey in the sea of internet information. I hope this will help all of you to understand better the star signs and charts and I also hope that this experience will also give me more understanding of stars.

Welcome Everyone and have a nice night :)