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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Aries astrology sign

Aries is an astrology sign that is very determined and competitive. Their approach towards life is very direct and straightforward. Furthermore people under the sign of Aries tend to have unique skill of setting goals – big and small – and reaching them.

The feeling of achievement is the most motivating aspect in Arians lives. As goal-setters they often are divided between these two traits. Having ambitious goals can mean that they are not able to achieve them or then having to deal with ambiguous goals can frustrate them. Arians tend to be quite selfish people and should pay attention to this in order to avoid confrontations.

Intensity that can be seen in working life is also present in Arians personal relationships. This can present tough challenges for Arians’ partners. Mellow star signs complement Aries the best. However, it is very well possible that Aries has a wonderful relationship with any other astrology sign that keeps on improving over time, because commitment for the relationship helps to achieve happiness. Arians should pay lot of attention to the list of important matters, as they tend to grow over proportionate. It is therefore important for Aries to actively balance between oneself, partner and family, otherwise there is the danger to emphasize one over the others.

Aries as a parent has to balance between themselves and the family. Arians are easy to loose the balance and focus too much on either their personal affairs or the affairs of the family. If focus is on family and kids, Arian parent can set challenging goals for the family that will cause tension. Children might rebel against goal-oriented parent, which can adversely affect the family interaction. On the other hand there is the danger of Arian parent not giving enough consideration for the family as they focus on their personal goals e.g. career.

Arians make wonderful entrepreneurs because of their inner strength and motivation. They should work in pioneer fields where they can fulfill their desire of reaching astonishing achievement. They are strong leaders and have no difficulties in leading others. Problematic in managerial positions are that they tend to ignore communication and dictate decisions.


  • At 06:57, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I know EXACTLY what you mean!! You just described me to the fullest extent possible!!! It's kind of scary ;)


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