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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Astrology sign of Capricorn

Who has heard about Capricorns? For a longest time word Capricorn made me think of Motörhead – the English rock band. They have a song called Capricorn, and as you can read from the lyrics it does touch astrology, here you go:

A thousand nights, I've spent alone,
Solitaire, to the bone,
But I don't mind, I'm my own best friend,
From the beginning, to the end,
My life, my heart, black night, my star,
December's child, the only one,
What I do, is what I've done,
I realize, I get so cold,
When I was young I was already old,
My life, my heart, black night, my star,
I always knew, the only way,
Is never live, beyond today,
They proved me right, they proved me wrong,
But they can never last this long,
My life, my heart, black night, dark star,

Year changes during the moon of Capricorns and that gives extra spice to this zodiac sign. I have always thought that there is something traditionally British in Capricorns’ behavior. Solemn, gloomy but with a sense of humor that is totally off the radar paint the picture of many Capricorns. I would say that their basic characteristics can be found from the line between pessimism and conventionality.

Capricorns are solitaire souls just as the Motörhead song implies. They have difficulties to open themselves up but when you finally establish a connection, it is one that will last. Security is often what Capricorns search for in relationships and they tend to marry or get into relationships accordingly.

Capricorn children look up to their parents and benefit from firm and disciplined childhood. I am not talking about sending them to West Point or any other military school but just normal house rules like candy day and keeping their rooms clean are good base for the future. Never underestimate the power of good manners. As Capricorns are inclined towards conventional behavior they sometimes appear bit rude, good manners save a lot in these situations.

From the point of view of children, parents should remember to take it easy with their drive for success. Capricorn parents should focus on giving love to their kids because there is always the danger that the parent child relationship grows to be very formal.

Conventional traits become their assets in business world. Many tasks need firm command and clear structure. Capricorns can handle complex decision and stress but their weakness in working life resides in their emotional insecurity. In decision-making processes, they can be affected by their need to get the social approval for their actions. Throughout their career they should remember to take small steps, new situations can make the underlying insecurity to surface.


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