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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Astrology sign of Aquarius

This star sign is a mixed bag, a sign that is really very difficult to put it into any fixed framework. It is a warm sign but tormented (yes I am over exaggerating here – a lot) drawn to different directions, a fascinating combination of flavors and never dull.

Aquarians make wonderful personalities, great, warm characters, trustworthy friends but distant and independent partners. Very much like Geminians, Aquarians are idealistic, optimistic and unpredictable. Aquarius is an air sign and this shows in Aquarians need for occasional mental and material independence.

It can be a tad difficult to live with an Aquarius as they are very sensitive and can notice any changes in the atmosphere of the relationship. They more often than not will reflect these atmospheric changes and life can be quite a rollercoaster ride at times. However, they often resemble cats in their complete indifference towards others. Aquarians tend to be very independent so it is difficult get close to them and it requires tremendous effort to break through their walls.

Best way to be with an Aquarian is to fall in love with their life, as it is almost impossible to get them to compromise with their lifestyle. Good thing in giving them unconditional love is that they will reciprocate.

Aquarian kids belong to the category of wayward wind surprises. It is difficult to control them and the stricter the limits the harder they rebel. As a parent you should focus more on reasoning because kids are bright and develop faster if given the right tools for independent thinking. Aquarian kids are wonderful gifts for understanding and intellectual parents.

Aquarian parents are in danger of letting their kids run loose. No barriers is as wretched condition as a brick wall full of rules. Aquarian parents should take the advantage of friendships. Kids are able to learn social skills from their friends. Laissez-faire parents should not overlook this notion.

Aquarians thrive in open workplace environment. Their creativeness blossoms and they have space to breath. Because they might suffer in controlled environments they should try to find work on somewhat creative fields and jobs, this will balance possible bumps of being controlled by the work. Communications and non-profit organizations are excellent choices for charitable and vivid Aquarians.


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