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Monday, August 29, 2005

Astrology sign of Leo

Leos are organized, powerful and creative. You will often recognize a Leo from their inner light of self-confidence. They will push forward the things they believe in with enormous vitality.

That powerful urge to create something pushes Leos forward. Leos’ have to learn how to follow their calling otherwise they are in danger to burn out as the heart’s desire is smothered. If Leos learn to follow their calling, they will achieve many things and feel great fulfillment.

Leo is a very strong-minded zodiac sign and there is a danger that Leos become overly dominant in any relationship. Leos also have controversial features as they are quite emotional and can be easily hurt. This is a difficult combination, because the nobler they are the harder they take criticism.

Parents of Leo kids are in trouble, because they have sheer energy in their hands. The challenge that is always there is how to direct that energy into something constructive. Young Leos are also quite likely to develop themselves into bullies and parents should try to keep in mind that their little angel can have totally different face when they are not under watching eyes.

If you are a Leo parent, you should mind yourself to shun away from building too much pressure for your children. Let the kids have some unorganized free time to balance the program that they have in their calendars (if you are a typical Leo, your kids must have lots of hobbies).

Leo is a career sign. They have the ambition, creativity, drive, organizational skills and even emotional traits. They make great leaders and usually pick top places in any organization. It can be quite difficult to work with them, as they tend to go down the know-it-all-road. At workplace, learn to take others into consideration.


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