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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

On the road again

I have to tell you girls that I was so excited to run my Astrology Christmas Competition, but nobody took part on it! Such a shock! It was almost like you’d be back in school again and you just did something what makes the whole class to laugh at you. Oh, so discouraging, but now I am very much decided to start producing some astrology stuff on you ladies (ok, maybe there are few men here too). It was supposed to sound like some of those rap artists that my kids love to listen (kids will be kids, you just have to be patient). My latest article is still on the hard disk, but it is getting along just nicely, I will let you have as soon as it is ready.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas Comment Competition

It is once again time for Christmas cleaning (am I the only mom that thinks cleaning before celebration) and all sorts of preparations. I have decided to start a friendly competition among readers (I have no idea how many you are).

Firstly, the prize is a hand-made natal chart and related reading. This will go to one who will write most fitting astrological Christmas memory. Bit vague, right? Yes, I don’t limit your comments, but these two things should be included – Christmas and astrology. I will personally pick a winner so this is also a subjective competition – personality will carry you a long way. The final day for your competition comment entry is 24.12.2005. I will pick the winner on 25.12.2005 and post it here on the site. Your prize will come during the January 2006, I must keep open schedule here as my family still comes first.

Right, I declare Astrology Signs Christmas Comment Competition open.

(ASCCC, doesn’t that sound like some computer terminology jargon?) :)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Quantitative astrology

I've increasingly started to wonder how the degree of planetary influence is calculated. How can we compare the strength between planets? Magnetism, gravitational pull, distance, mass and other features... This could especially be a problem with these outer planets as their influence could be sinking into white noise of asteroid belt.

I wonder how to quantify the individual influence of heavenly bodies. This science was easy when astronomy was about geometry and omens. Astronomy developed through mathematics and physics, but astrology stayed behind. Nowadays when we do charts and readings, we basically rely on memorized information and lists of various relations between planetary positions and their effects on us.

Astrology seems to appear intertwined with different mythologies. Which came first? Probably astrology, maybe it was an object for cultural exporting. New target countries had their own versions of foreign spiritual science... Fascinating. Does anyone have information on development of astrology, instead of dogmatic following of various rule sets? Any recommended readings?

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Soul searching

I have done some soul searching (accidentally first wrote sour searching) and come to realize that my work here at Astrology Signs is just about to start. I am now on the verge to complete some basic information pieces on astrology and the trip is only about to start for real.

I am not so enthusiastic to keep on writing descriptive articles about basics. I am more into practical work. With this realization I have decided to go two different directions. One post about basic information and one about interpretation and other matters then another basic information article and on it goes, round and round.

I hope I can get more out of this site with writing more about those astrological matters that interest me especially. Oh, yes... discussion would be nice too. Wonder why there are so few comments, probably nobody even visits this site... oh, my. Well, bye now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Planet Uranus

Uranus has low density and it belongs to Jovian planets, meaning those planets that are of low density – Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. Uranus was noticed at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, because technological standards started to improve and telescopes developed in quality. Uranus is cyan in colour because of its methane that absorbs red light.

In Greek mythology, Uranus is the earliest supreme god. He appeared as a son of Gaia and then became her mate. This relationship resulted into birth of Cronus (Saturn).

Uranus rules Aquarius and is associated with sudden and unexpected happenings. It tends to influence so that people become more independent and individualistic. Positive aspects include creativity and energy, but on more negative note, Uranus tends to bring out the selfishness and destructiveness in us.

Uranus belongs to outer planets (far away from earth) and therefore doesn’t have significant influence on us. However it does affect deeply on our natal charts, because it resides about seven years on each zodiac sign. Uranus influences us on longer cycles than its bigger siblings.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Planet Jupiter

Jupiter is the fourth brightest spot on our sky, just behind – Sun, Moon and Venus. Jupiter is the biggest of all planets in our system. This is the most dominating planet in our solar system. Planet spins in enormous speed and consists mostly of gases.

Jupiter is famous of its huge red spot that has been seen since 17th century. Jupiter is similar to Saturn in a sense that because of its huge size it has strong effect on us. Jupiter has also very strong magnetosphere, which further increases its influence. Jupiter has huge moons that can be seen with ordinary consumer telescopes.

Jupiter was the highest god in Roman mythology. Jupiter’s father was Saturn – a god of harvest – and Jupiter started on similar field. As time went by, society changed and so changed the way people saw Jupiter. As so many times before, Roman mythology entangles with Greek mythology, where planet Jupiter was called Zeus that also overthrew his father Cronus (surprise, surprise planet Saturn).

This is the planet that you need on your side, especially if you happen to be a Sagittarius. Jupiter is related with everything that is material wealth. Bit contradictory it also happens to be considered as the ruler or spiritual and intellectual matters. Well, some managers do say that ideas are everything, but then again some say that ideas are cheap execution is everything. Hah, it wouldn’t be easy to be a manager.

Anyway, back to Jupiter, luck and good fortune is often associated with Jupiter. All in all this is one monster planet that just screams for attention. When you do readings, keep especially an eye on Jupiter and Moon. These two are the biggest activators in your chart. Good fortunes of Jupiter last about year, because it takes twelve years for it to cycle. During this cycle it visits every zodiac house for about a year.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Planet Saturn

Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system. You probably know Saturn because of its rings – such a beautiful planet! Those rings have massive amount of water by the way. Saturn rotates extremely fast in relation to its size but it takes almost 30 years from the planet to complete its cycle around the Sun. This long cycle is also the basis for a astrological phenomenon called “Saturn Return”.

In Roman mythology, Saturn was a god of harvest. This doesn’t stray too far from Saturn’s present role in astrology. Saturn was also the father of Jupiter. Fittingly Jupiter killed his own father and threw him to ocean (story has more detail, but I try to keep this corner of Internet fairly clean, for those who wonder what actually happened to Jupiter’s body, can think of birds and bees), where the remains of Jupiter started Venus.

Its size gives Saturn a big influence on us. Unlike scientific facts tell us – Saturn being gas planet with density less than water – Saturn belongs to Earth element. This same earthly relation can also be seen in Oriental cultures.

Saturn is also masculine planet. This could come from its state of being oblate spheroid. WHAT? Well, that kind of ball, which is flattened from the top and bottom and rounded from both sides. Think about short strong man with a bulking belly. :)

Although Saturn was associated to harvesting it is not joyous sign. It is very stressful to ponder about weather and other aspects of good harvest. This sign has developed to a mixture of pessimistic traits. It is described to be realistic, sad, cold and restricted. Worries age and Saturn is called “The Bringer of Old Age”. On more positive note, Saturn is associated with planning and thinking ahead, therefore making it a wise sign whenever having influence on zodiac.