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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Planet Mercury

Mercury is the hot planet. Closest to the Sun and only Pluto is smaller. Sunny side of Mercury has infernal temperature and the side that is away from Sun can freeze up your diet Pepsi in no time. Mercury can only be seen at twilight both setting and rising, therefore it has been notoriously difficult to observe therefore contributing to Mercury’s planetary image as we see it today. One important geological element in Mercury is that planet is supposed to have large iron core. This in turn creates a strong magnet field around the planet in similar manner as our dear Earth has. From the scientific point of view, this should increase Mercury’s influence on Earth and all of us living here.

Roman mythology sets Mercury as a god of commerce, travel and thievery. Funny how ancient people saw these things so closely related. That is also how I often feel while I’m scouting for winter shoes at jam-packed department store. Anyhow, for Romans, Mercury was a messenger planet.

Mercury has special way to travel across the skies when observed from Earth and because of this, it was mistakenly considered as two different planets. Greeks called it Hermes and Apollo both sons of Zeus. This mythological brotherhood shows how these two planets were considered to be – although being one and same – very much alike. Mercury was called Hermes when it appeared on evening sky and Apollo when it showed itself on morning sky. Finally it didn’t take too long from Greeks so realize that it is the same planet. No wonder that this planet has a mixed bag of expectations on what comes to its astrological effects. One interesting notion to keep in mind is that from Hermes originated Aphrodite, further underlining complex meanings.

Its cultural background sets Mercury as the planet of communication. It is a planet for thinkers and writers, all sort of intellectual creators. Mercury brings intellectual energy in its restless form, encouraging to creativity.

Mercury is a planet for Gemini and Virgo. It assumes the gender of the sign in which it resides so it always has same sort of influence. It is then the job of a chart maker to understand Mercury’s influence in relation to the other celestial bodies.


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