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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Astrology sign of Sagittarius

While not as dualistic as Geminians, Sagittarians make very tough competition on the first spot in dualism. It’s always bit difficult to read the minds of these creatures, so remember to keep an open mind and smiling face.

Sagittarians are afraid of details, however they have much longer attention time span than Geminians and this makes all the difference in the world, what comes to personal development and achievement. Even still, the Sagittarian archenemy for fulfillment is the lack of focus and enthusiastic, optimistic and energetic Sagittarians tend to have their tables full of unrealized projects.

They love sex. What can I say, but you need to experience the fierceness of a Sagittarian lover. NOTE: I am not encouraging you to cheat your loved one. Emotionally they need space and equal intelligence in relationship to keep it interesting.

Sagittarian children face the same problems as Geminian children. Lack of focus will bring hardship for the kids, as they tend to get in trouble with all their conflicting interests. On more positive note, they are happy kids and learn communication skills quickly. Natural energy can make wonders in bringing their potential to the fullest.

From parents standing point, it is important to remember not to overestimate the kids’ reliance on parents. Give your children space to experiment and learn by doing, don’t over steer or program their lives and everything should go just fine. Sagittarian parents are very affectionate and do have the tendency to throw themselves into their kids’ lives.

Sagittarians perish if their work is repetitive and dull. If this can’t be avoided, Sagittarians should try to find career lines where they have constant human connections like service jobs. However, Sagittarians aren’t crowd people so it is a thin line to balance on.

Sagittarius can be a bit flamboyant and that shows on the work place. They don’t necessarily care about material rewards; the respect or admiration of others is usually much stronger motivational force. Give them titles or semi important posts, as team managers or experts and they will be happy, maybe... :)

Because of their blindly optimistic and generalistic approach to life, Sagittarians make excellent sales women and sales men. Moreover they are intellectual so slightly scruffy professors also spring in mind while thinking about possible life work of some Sagittarians.


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