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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

On the road again

I have to tell you girls that I was so excited to run my Astrology Christmas Competition, but nobody took part on it! Such a shock! It was almost like you’d be back in school again and you just did something what makes the whole class to laugh at you. Oh, so discouraging, but now I am very much decided to start producing some astrology stuff on you ladies (ok, maybe there are few men here too). It was supposed to sound like some of those rap artists that my kids love to listen (kids will be kids, you just have to be patient). My latest article is still on the hard disk, but it is getting along just nicely, I will let you have as soon as it is ready.


  • At 07:39, Blogger Attila said…

    Hi Rose
    I just happend to did some search in astrology and bumped into your blog and read it.
    Found it somehow interesting!
    Tell me something please, do you make astrological readings(Horoscope)?

    Thnx in advance :)

  • At 09:01, Blogger Rose Tacher said…

    Hello Attila, nice to get your comment.

    Nowadays I only get reminded of this astrology blog because somebody comments on it. Should put more time on it, but private life changes have been quite drastic. This homemom is now living in Finland, because my husband is working here as an expatriate.

    Life here includes lots of new routines etc. Haven't had one slow moment yet, so didn't even remember to come and check this site.

    I do astrological readings, but on personal basis. I find it more interesting than just mathematically following the rules and mass producing and selling readings.

    Please tell me, what was it that you found somehow interesting? :)


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