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Monday, November 28, 2005

Planet Jupiter

Jupiter is the fourth brightest spot on our sky, just behind – Sun, Moon and Venus. Jupiter is the biggest of all planets in our system. This is the most dominating planet in our solar system. Planet spins in enormous speed and consists mostly of gases.

Jupiter is famous of its huge red spot that has been seen since 17th century. Jupiter is similar to Saturn in a sense that because of its huge size it has strong effect on us. Jupiter has also very strong magnetosphere, which further increases its influence. Jupiter has huge moons that can be seen with ordinary consumer telescopes.

Jupiter was the highest god in Roman mythology. Jupiter’s father was Saturn – a god of harvest – and Jupiter started on similar field. As time went by, society changed and so changed the way people saw Jupiter. As so many times before, Roman mythology entangles with Greek mythology, where planet Jupiter was called Zeus that also overthrew his father Cronus (surprise, surprise planet Saturn).

This is the planet that you need on your side, especially if you happen to be a Sagittarius. Jupiter is related with everything that is material wealth. Bit contradictory it also happens to be considered as the ruler or spiritual and intellectual matters. Well, some managers do say that ideas are everything, but then again some say that ideas are cheap execution is everything. Hah, it wouldn’t be easy to be a manager.

Anyway, back to Jupiter, luck and good fortune is often associated with Jupiter. All in all this is one monster planet that just screams for attention. When you do readings, keep especially an eye on Jupiter and Moon. These two are the biggest activators in your chart. Good fortunes of Jupiter last about year, because it takes twelve years for it to cycle. During this cycle it visits every zodiac house for about a year.


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