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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Planet Venus

Thick layers of clouds constantly cover Venus as it travels in space as our closest neighbour and hot as a cast-iron frying pan. These features have created quite enigmatic picture for Venus. It is close but yet so far, it shines brightly just behind sun and the moon but has smooth and soft colour. It is no wonder that these qualities make us to connect the planet to women. Why - you ask.

It is difficult to say what came first, the doctrine or the practise. However it is clear now that we have started to map the behaviour of people as a whole that there is some feminine connection between the movements of Venus and our astrology signs.

It used to be so that in history it was mostly men who had the benefit of education, hence they were able to read and write and pass along their views of the world. So in the beginning, it was Romans who started it all. They created Venus – Aphrodite – as the Goddess of love and beauty.

I don’t want to exaggerate the scientific side of this planetary expedition but I have to mention at least this fact. Venus has no magnetic field.

The common explanation why astrology works is that gravitational pull and energy flow of heavenly bodies affect all living creatures and dead objects on earth. This means that Venus would only affect us with gravitational pull. Venus’ effects are therefore different from some other planets or that of the Sun, which is a gigantic source of energy.

Transit of Venus happened previously on 8th of June 2004, Venus passed directly between the Earth and the Sun. One could see it as a black dot over Sun’s disk. It is very rare occasion, and before 2004 it happened in 1882, the next time is in 2012 but after that you must wait until 2117. So prepare yourselves already, if you didn’t see it 2004, it is quite unlikely that you will see it 2117 (sorry to remind you of the flickering nature of life).

Venus is a beneficial planet that is associated with Taurus and Libra (yes, I’m Libra). Venus affects on love, sex, relationships and everything feminine. Positive influence can be seen in that it encourages passion, gentleness, friendliness and social interaction. If negative aspects take over, emotional behaviour is usually experienced so strongly that it becomes a negative force.


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