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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas Comment Competition

It is once again time for Christmas cleaning (am I the only mom that thinks cleaning before celebration) and all sorts of preparations. I have decided to start a friendly competition among readers (I have no idea how many you are).

Firstly, the prize is a hand-made natal chart and related reading. This will go to one who will write most fitting astrological Christmas memory. Bit vague, right? Yes, I don’t limit your comments, but these two things should be included – Christmas and astrology. I will personally pick a winner so this is also a subjective competition – personality will carry you a long way. The final day for your competition comment entry is 24.12.2005. I will pick the winner on 25.12.2005 and post it here on the site. Your prize will come during the January 2006, I must keep open schedule here as my family still comes first.

Right, I declare Astrology Signs Christmas Comment Competition open.

(ASCCC, doesn’t that sound like some computer terminology jargon?) :)


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