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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Birth chart drawing course

I was thinking to start a course that would teach how to draw birth chart. Are you interested? It would be posted here in very short episodes so that everybody would be able to follow the steps and repeat them with personal information. There could be some Questions and Answers part and a place for discussion. I am not sure how to do it though maybe we could just use comments in various posts. Please let me know, otherwise I am just going to grind with those planets and elements.


  • At 19:08, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I wonder if you have any information on decans? My moon is in second decan of scorpio. My sun in third decan of virgo with my ruling planet of mercury in the second decan of libra which seems to be pretty accurate according to the limited information I have!

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  • At 21:01, Blogger Rose Tacher said…

    Unfortunately I have never paid too much attention on decans. For me it is just refining the whole concept of astrology to a too miniscule degree.

    For the first place, astrology can only work as a general guideline and therefore one is never able to get accurate answers with it, no matter how detailed one would be.

    Decans come in three 10 degree sets, but there is no mathematical barrier to use division multiplier of 100 or higher.

    This is my personal opinion only. I guess there are many other views on this matter ;)

    I would focus on the moon influence while pondering what kind of influence the universe has on you. Thank you for your comment, it made me SOO happy :)

  • At 06:36, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you for your comment. It is interesting that you say to concentrate on my lunar influences.Is this because you have found it to be a more accurate reflection of one's true self? I also find it interesting that you seem to have a fairly relaxed portrayal of astrology as a "general guideline". This amazes me considering all the Maths and scientific studies that are considered to produce a natal chart to begin with.

  • At 21:30, Blogger Rose Tacher said…

    I focus on moon because sun’s influence is more constant. It is the moon that fluctuates and rest of the planets are just too far away to have such a strong influence on us. For me, sun works as a motivator and moon as an activator.

    What comes to astrology being a reflection of one’s true self, I would say that astrology only observes powers that affect us from outside. These outside forces might make us do something or then again not. Therefore I think that it is almost a waste of effort to do ultra detailed natal chart or other predictions. Basic results are the same.

    About mathematics and scientific studies, nobody has been able to prove astrology as an actual field of quantitative science like for example astronomy. Personally I use astrology as a helper to make me see the big picture. If I notice that Mars will have strong influence on me during the whole next month, I might skip that meditation course that I was planning to attend. Why is this? I have noticed that my energy levels and moods loosely follow astrological predictions.


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