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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Librans like it blue

But why did I chooce pink theme for my astrology page? I chose it because the title of the theme was a clear sign for me, it said - Thisaway Rose. Can faith get any more specific than that? I don't think so. That's the story of the theme.

:) Rose

Edit me

Title says it all. In the links I have had this text ogling me for quite some time now. Initial problem for me was that I didn't know how to change the text. My dear son (heh, I bet that he hates to read term dear) showed me how to do it so now I do know how to change it, but the problem is, I now don't know where should I link to.

Any suggestions? Please comment.

Future plans no astrology required

Oh my! It is because of my promise to write about Librans characteristics that made me silent for all this time. It is a matter to read and know something but it is whole different matter to write about it. I finally made it!

Now as I managed to crawl over this Libran hump, my future plans include writing similar characteristics description of every astrology sign or zodiac depending, which way you want to call it. My ambitious schedule is description per week, but judging from my previous silence, it will probably take longer. However, this time I am NOT promising to stick with it, instead it is quite likely that I will wonder off to write about something different and then returning to the plan. This, I believe, suits me quite well as I am also one of those indecisive Librans.

After the astrology signs have been dealt with, I am going to move to astrology itself and maybe also to the esoteric side of it. Usually we just read about rules of astrology, but there is really no explanation of the system. Why is it that Venus is the planet for Librans? These are difficult questions and traditionally we see them answered as based on old scriptures of astrology.

Well these are my long-term plans and as I said, I am not going to follow this blueprint to the letter. I will have fun too and maybe that will allow me to post more. Expect to have some odd recipes etc.

Libra astrology sign

The symbol of Librans is the scales. This symbolism depicts very accurately the sign’s need for peace and harmony. Librans are quite likely to endure some distress in order to achieve greater good and tranquility. Many see this as a weakness because Librans tend to give in easily, but during our communication intensive times, people should consider this more as strength as Librans are often balancing force in any organization. Libra is associated with planet Venus.


The astrology sign of Libra is often seen as indecisive. Librans have tendency to avoid taking firm stands on arguments or decisions. Libra is very social astrology sign and in the sense of fulfilling their lives, they need strong relationships. Intellectual side often triumphs over the physical and Librans make great thinkers and artists. They also have lot of physical energy if they can release it in creative way.

Libra is partner dependent astrology sign. Librans need that complementing partner that they can rely on. It is common that Libra goes to great lengths to make any relationship work. They are usually very compassionate and loyal mates but sometimes overly romantic, which can bring some unrealistic expectations to their lives. The ongoing search for balance can flare up in insignificant arguments even everything would be fine. This is to test the equilibrium of the relationship, sort of assurance of continuing stability.

As parents, Librans have to remind themselves of the importance of boundaries and rules. Kids require guidance, especially early in their life, and hesitant Libran parents might hinder the natural development of their kids’ cognitive system by blurring decision-making process.

Libran kids tend to seek others advice while trying to make up their mind. It is important to let them come to their own conclusions without giving them right answers. On the other hand if children appear to have certain talents, parents could encourage their offspring to follow these traits, otherwise talent might be wasted as Libran mind can be unsure between all the options available.


In work life the indecisiveness of Libra can escalate into many problems. Librans might not be the best charismatic managers, because of their strong need to communicate and discuss decisions. However, they thrive in relaxed working environment that has open-minded colleagues.

The best of Librans comes out in fields, which need diplomacy and mediation skills. The worst position is isolated expert position, where Libra can’t connect to others in casual and comfortable way. In any case, Librans should strive for higher positions, as they tend to appreciate all the material good that comes with higher monetary compensation.