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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Planet Uranus

Uranus has low density and it belongs to Jovian planets, meaning those planets that are of low density – Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. Uranus was noticed at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, because technological standards started to improve and telescopes developed in quality. Uranus is cyan in colour because of its methane that absorbs red light.

In Greek mythology, Uranus is the earliest supreme god. He appeared as a son of Gaia and then became her mate. This relationship resulted into birth of Cronus (Saturn).

Uranus rules Aquarius and is associated with sudden and unexpected happenings. It tends to influence so that people become more independent and individualistic. Positive aspects include creativity and energy, but on more negative note, Uranus tends to bring out the selfishness and destructiveness in us.

Uranus belongs to outer planets (far away from earth) and therefore doesn’t have significant influence on us. However it does affect deeply on our natal charts, because it resides about seven years on each zodiac sign. Uranus influences us on longer cycles than its bigger siblings.


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