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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Planet Mars

How many times you have heard the line ”Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” I have heard it many, many times. I bet so have you. From the point of view of astrology this sentence is very accurate. Venus is soft and feminine and Mars is hard and masculine.

Maybe because of its red colour, Mars has been considered as somewhat aggressive planet. That probably has something to do with the colour of our blood. Today we know the Mars as the planet of God of War. This comes from Roman culture like most of our mythology connected to astrology and stars.

Aggression and energy are closely associated with the planet Mars and together with Jupiter, it has been considered as a negative planet. It brings action into your birth chart and many leaders and every sort of activists have often something to do with Mars.

Unlike the passion of Venus, the passion of Mars is masculine, hot and strong, and the romantic aspects tend to be forgotten as the flame of Mars is blazing. This planet is especially associated with the sign of Aries. Before the discovery of the planet Pluto, Mars was also considered to be the ruling planet of the sign of Scorpio. Oriental cultures regard Mars as the Fire Star planet according to the Five elements (in West we have only four).


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