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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Polarity in zodiac signs

Traditionally zodiac signs have polaric groupings in which two signs locate opposite each other in zodiac circle. I started with Libra, as I am one myself. Then I listed some basic characteristics of Aries that is opposite of Libra in zodiac circle. Following this method, I am planning to write about other signs that belong into Air-element – Gemini and Aquarius.

You notice that terms do not follow the theory. Aquarius is not part of Water-element and polarity does not follow elements. For example, Aries belongs to Fire and Libra belongs to Air. One can easily see that polarity does not mean that the signs are total opposites of each other. In fact, it shows that polarity is stronger force than just simple black and white –setting. On the other hand, there are couples that have stronger tendencies of forming true opposites. Virgo/Pisces and Cancer/Capricorn are examples that have stronger connections. However, you have to make a notion of the systematic patterns with elements as they always form similar pairs in zodiac circle.

Other couplings beside Aries (Fire) / Libra (Air) are:

Cancer (Water) / Capricorn (Earth)
Taurus (Earth) / Scorpio (Water)
Leo (Fire) / Aquarius (Air)
Gemini (Air) / Sagittarius (Fire)
Virgo (Earth) / Pisces (Water)


  • At 15:27, Blogger Fabulous said…

    Hi! I have an info that the best partner is the one in the sign that is the opposite of the ascendant. For example: I am Pisces with an ascendant in Cancer. The best partner for me would be the person with the sun sign in Capricorn. This is the correct wat of finding that out and after that all the singns from the same element. In the above example Water. *** Good luck!

  • At 19:57, Blogger Rose Tacher said…

    Thanks for posting! Sorry I am so absent!

    What I tried to say was that opposite ascendants are not of opposite element. Elements do not fight each other in ascendant wheel so even the sign is on the opposite side, it doesn't mean that it is a mirror image.

    Hmm, oh dear seems like I am being bit redundant, well never mind :)

    Feng Shui capable people will definately see the connection between the effect of elements and the effect of stars. Too bad that Western astrology is mostly about sun signs and daily horoscopes on the last page of daily paper.

  • At 20:19, Blogger Leslie said…

    Fascinating stuff, Rose! :) I'm going thru and reading some of these and I'm learning a lot! As a side note on this entry, My father/stepmother are Gemini (him) and Aquarius (her) and my brother (Gemini) and s-i-l (Aquarius) --- I have to tell you that they both stayed with their spouses, but it was ALWAYS non-stop fighting. I dunno what it is about those 2 signs together, but it's like fingernails on a chalkboard most times. Should make for some interesting conflict in your story tho! I married an opposite, too. I'm a Cancer and he's a Cappie. Wouldn't you know it, we're complete opposites and get along famously. ... Going on 12 years now ;) Anyway, thanks for such a fascinating read! Please keep updating it.. I would love to read more regularly! You've got me hooked now! :)


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