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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Future plans no astrology required

Oh my! It is because of my promise to write about Librans characteristics that made me silent for all this time. It is a matter to read and know something but it is whole different matter to write about it. I finally made it!

Now as I managed to crawl over this Libran hump, my future plans include writing similar characteristics description of every astrology sign or zodiac depending, which way you want to call it. My ambitious schedule is description per week, but judging from my previous silence, it will probably take longer. However, this time I am NOT promising to stick with it, instead it is quite likely that I will wonder off to write about something different and then returning to the plan. This, I believe, suits me quite well as I am also one of those indecisive Librans.

After the astrology signs have been dealt with, I am going to move to astrology itself and maybe also to the esoteric side of it. Usually we just read about rules of astrology, but there is really no explanation of the system. Why is it that Venus is the planet for Librans? These are difficult questions and traditionally we see them answered as based on old scriptures of astrology.

Well these are my long-term plans and as I said, I am not going to follow this blueprint to the letter. I will have fun too and maybe that will allow me to post more. Expect to have some odd recipes etc.


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