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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What took you so long?

I forgot my password and it always seemed so paffling to start the whole "Forgot your password? Click here" process. So I kept pushing the deadline, until I entered midlife and now I am officially an old lady... :( Learned that smiley from my boy, by the way, don't you think it is a bit contradictory term for such an unhappy face?

Today's major technical task was the retrieval of my password. Forgot my password for my email also! Hah, I bet you didn't see that coming! Well, I guess that old age does not come alone, it brings a whole bunch of friends like senility, wrinkles, over weight, desire for young men (hah, I bet my family thinks this is a joke - and it is).

Let's put astrology signs aside for a while and please post a comment, if you ever had a problem with passwords. Seems like it is impossible to get by without them. PIN codes are still relatively easy as I can use some important dates (what a surprise) but these passwords seem to demand numbers and letter and what ever... Huh.

Tomorrow another astrology sign post - this is a promise (by now you know how good I am at keeping them).


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